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Simple, Stunning and Sensible Garden Supplies

Transform your backyard into a homey oasis with our gorgeous garden accessories. Do you dream of hosting garden parties or enjoying meals under the summer sun? Do you ever crave the outdoors but dread leaving the comfort of your home? With outdoor garden supplies to decorate your space, you can get the most out of your backyard. This means basking in the beauty of your outdoor area all year long. At Luca Living, we offer a variety of products to help you curate the perfect garden for you, complete with stylish and practical garden decor designed to withstand the outdoors.

Where to Begin?

Once you know what you want from your backyard, finding the right accessories is easy. If you love the idea of lounging about your garden, reading books and drinking wine in the warmer months, then outdoor cushions are a great idea. Available in several colours, our striped cushions offer a funky, clean and contemporary look. For hosting gatherings that go late into the night, you’ll also need outdoor garden lanterns. These stylish items dress up any outdoor space and create a wonderful atmosphere for visitors to enjoy. As well as being decorative, our garden lanterns are practical, helping you see where you’re going and deterring potential trespassers. When guests gather round, you’ll also appreciate the sleek and subtle insect trap UV light — as well as one of our gorgeous door mats for when it's time to head back inside. Whatever you want for your outdoor area, we’ll be able to provide it.

Want Even More?

Along with garden lanterns and lighting solutions, we offer a variety of products for other aspects of your outdoor space. For example, we have a number of convenient and cleverly designed clotheslines to make your chores much easier. We also have picnic supplies, including folding tables and ice buckets, so you can enjoy the outdoors both within and beyond the confines of your garden. On another note, quick fixes and DIY projects are made much easier with a high-quality chisel set, while our collection of torches makes it safer to move around at night or during a dreaded blackout. Essentially, if it's garden decor or an outdoor safety accessory, we’re likely to have it at Luca Living.

Live it Up with Luca Living

If you’re all set on garden supplies, don’t forget to check out our other home and living products. These include furnishings, heaters, home decor and storage items. We also have handy housekeeping products, garment care goods, and a bunch of accessories for babies and kids. At Luca Living, we do everything we can to help our customers curate the home they truly desire. This means a home that reflects their unique style while fulfilling their storage needs; a home that is filled with items that bring awe and joy without ever over-cluttering. Our products are timeless and elegant, yet innovative and interesting, and ultimately made to last. With 20 years of experience in the building and design industry, our team have personally renovated many homes and use this knowledge to inspire others. 

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