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Kitchen Accessories To Primp up Any Australian Kitchen

If you’re after quality kitchen accessories in Australia, Luca Living is the homewares haven you've been looking for. From paper towel holders and bamboo napkin holders to cast-iron French ovens, we have everything you need to curate a kitchen that’s as stylish as it is functional. At its heart, the kitchen should be an open station of food creation — a place to perform a labour of love. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of kitchen accessories that are not only perfect for an Australian space but are also set to reawaken your inspiration. We believe you need to nail the necessities — think the dish rack drainer or paper towel dispenser — before you can bring out your favourite fromage on the nicest cheese boards. So, without further ado, let’s explore the fabulous foundations that you need in your kitchen.

Bringing It Back to the Beautiful Basics

‘Basic’ may sound simplistic and boring, but the truth is there’s beauty in simplicity. Sometimes, you need to forgo the frills and embrace the fact that less is more. In the case of the modern kitchen, accessories tend to err on the side of minimalism, as is the trend in Australia and many other countries worldwide. That’s why we provide a selection of sleek accessories, often black, white, or beige, occasionally punctuated with a gleam of gold to give a gentle wink of regality.

In our collection, we boast beautiful basics you didn’t even know you needed. For example, a paper towel dispenser keeps paper towelling within easy reach, potentially saving frequent trips between the benchtop and the compartment under your sink. Moreover, a cast-iron French oven can be that addition to your crockery set that was missing — and yet desperately needed for cooking your favourite casserole. Whether you need to upgrade your dish rack to one with a drainer or update those ornate salt and pepper shakers to something simplistic with a battery-operated grinder, you can find all the beautiful basics the contemporary cook could need. Could your kitchen foundations do with some refreshing?

But Wait! There’s More!

At Luca Living, we’re not ones to rest on our laurels — and speaking of laurels, who doesn’t love a good bay laurel leaf to spice things up at dinner time? Alas, without a tried and true spice system, all your herb and spice shakers may shuffle themselves into a discordant mess. If this sounds all too familiar, it’s about time you invested in some spice racks. Whether you prefer your spices stacked or revolving, you’ll find the ultimate spicy storage solution in our collection — be it shelved, tiered or in the form of a lazy Susan.

Or, if you want to make coffee at home — and instant just won’t do — we also have a range of coffee percolators for you to peruse. If takeaway coffees are taking a toll on your wallet, just imagine the savings from your daily grind if you were to grind espresso on the daily. If you prefer frothy coffee over a classic black, this collection also features a do-it-yourself milk frother. Get caffenation down to a domestic art with our range of coffee percolators!

From cast iron ovens to chic compost, we’ve got the range you’ve been searching for.

Live the Domestic Dream at Luca Living

Like what you see but want a little taste? Come visit us in-store and experience our domestic dream first-hand. Live outside of South Australia? Reach out to us online and we will happily help. As a small family business with over 20 years’ experience in the design industry, you can count on us for expert advice with a personal touch. We are living the domestic dream — and that’s what we want for you. Treat yourself to the best kitchen accessories in Australia!