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Keep Clothes Smelling Fresh & Clean When Shop Clothes Airers!

From wedding dresses to your winter woollies, with Luca Living’s great range of clothes airers online, you can trust that any of your clothing that isn’t regularly being worn can quickly be refreshed for your next wear. Simply pull out your quality folding clothes airer from Australia’s favourite home store: Luca Living! With convenient and quality products to make your life easier and more streamlined, like our foldable shopping cart trolleys or the best drying racks around, it’s time to embrace a little Luca into your life.

What’s the Science Behind a Clothes Hanger or Airer?

Whether you’re looking to go retro or you’ve hit your goal weight and it’s time to put on those dream jeans, there’s a strong chance you’ll have encountered that peculiar and unpleasant musty smell clothes get when they haven’t been worn. But why does this happen and how is a foldable rack air dryer the solution?

Essentially, this is because there hasn’t been enough air circulating around your clothes. Then, when they’ve been kept in a dark cupboard or drawer for months or years, they’ve been in the perfect conditions for mildew to start growing. Mildew, of course, is more likely to occur when clothes get put away wet or damp, but general atmospheric changes, like increased humidity on stormy summer days or long weeks of rain can leave your clothes damp enough for mildew to start forming.

Luckily, you can quickly send these small growths packing with some fresh air and a little sunlight. With a portable clothes airer — purchased online from Luca Living — you can get air circulating around your clothes once more and set them up in a sunny spot for an even more effective airing. After a few hours or a full day on your free-standing clothes airer, you should notice that your clothes no longer have that musty scent and are ready to be worn.

Plus, our laundry airers are the perfect choice for air drying freshly washed clothes too! They allow you to use the power of the sun to get things dry, which is a far more sustainable and economic option than the dryer. Once everything is dry, you can then pack your clothes horse for the next laundry day. It’s the ideal washing clothesline if you’re always doing small loads or live in an apartment.

Which Indoor Clothes Airers Suit Your Style?

While a foldable clothes horse or airer is primarily a functional object, that doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. At Luca Living, we have curated a collection of sleek, stylish and subtle portable clothes airers to suit a wide range of modern and contemporary homes. For instance, bring a touch of nature inside and reflect the warmth of soft sunlight with our wooden and bamboo clothes airers. Alternatively, if you want something a little more shiny and industrial, our aluminium clothes racks are just the thing. For something super-sturdy and durable, we also have stainless steel 3-tier clothes dryers available. Regardless of whether you choose a Hills portable clothes airer or another quality brand, when you’re shopping at Luca Living, you’ll always get an outstanding product.

Living Better, Every Day

Luca Living is here to bring a breath of fresh air to your home, complete with a touch of luxury. Inspired by healthy living, and a passion to create unique and elegant spaces, Luca Living makes it easy to keep a beautiful home. With storage solutions for every room — from spice racks to laundry baskets — and decor and accent pieces to complement and celebrate your individual style, Luca Living is all about ensuring you can live life your way.

Making Clothes Airing Convenient & Easy

Satisfy all your clothes airer needs with one online store: Luca Living! Whether you’re looking to take your washing inside our outside, our expandable mobile airers are ready to go. So, it’s time to check out our Hills outdoor clotheslines and more.