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Achieve New Feats of Efficiency with Shopping Trolleys

Life can be chaotic, but things are made much easier with the right equipment and accessories. A housekeeping or foldable shopping trolley can make everyday tasks far simpler, easier and more enjoyable. Take the stress out of shopping with foldable shopping trolleys, and make chores more doable with housekeeping cleaning trolleys. For recreational activities, you can also find nifty products like collapsible tennis carts to make everything more straightforward and fun. Sold locally from our family-run business, our housekeeping trolleys are beloved by busy Australian hobbyists, homebodies, professionals and parents alike.

Organisation On Wheels

At Luca Living, we offer a range of lightweight yet durable housekeeping trolley carts, including some designed for transporting laundry baskets and others for tennis balls. When it comes to washing clothes, a laundry trolley will allow you to quickly carry out the task without bending down or awkwardly carrying an overloaded basket to the washing line.

Our foldable shopping trolleys are also very popular, as they make trips to the grocery store easy and stress-free. Imagine buying as many things as you need without worrying about the time and effort it may take to carry it home!

Plus, you can choose from collapsible shopping trolleys with double wire baskets or foldable shopping trolleys with wipe-clean fabric. We also have handy wheelable trolley carts for holding various household goods, from stationary, to booze, to bathroom essentials. These easy-to-assemble trolleys aim for optimal storage and organisation.

Beautify Your Home

Along with our various housekeeping, storage and shopping trolley carts, Luca Living has a range of high-quality items designed to improve the efficiency of your everyday life. We understand the importance of keeping a clean, organised space within which to live. An elegant home lends itself to an unscattered mind and a feeling of relief when you walk in the door; which, after a busy day of work and errands, is essential.

This is why we’ve curated a collection of remarkable yet simple organisational products, including items for the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, living rooms and bedrooms. Our housekeeping items, such as our laundry accessories and clothes airers, are particularly handy for keeping your home and belongings in the best possible condition. We also have mountable towel rails and baskets, shower caddies and coat hangers for optimising storage.

Foldable Housekeeping and Shopping Trolleys Available in Australia

With over 20 years of experience in the building and design industry, Luca Living knows exactly what your home needs to be as satisfying and cohesive as possible. For access to our full range of incredible trolley carts, browse our website today!