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The Best Wedding Dress Storage Box

Your wedding gown is not like any other dress you’ll ever own. For most brides, this piece holds immeasurable sentimental value, representing all the love and joy that a marriage encapsulates.

Your special bridal gown will help you to remember a wonderful day, and allow you to share that memory with future generations. At Luca Living, we understand the significance your wedding dress holds for you and your family. This is why we offer wedding dress storage boxes that will keep your gown in pristine condition for years and decades to come.

When it comes to flawless preservation, a high-quality wedding box is exactly what you need. These products are also fantastic for storing other important garments, such as school formal graduation dresses.

Thinking Outside the Box

Compared to clothes designed for everyday wear, wedding dresses tend to be more vulnerable to damage. They are often made of delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, lace and tulle. Materials such as these can be somewhat easy to rip, stain, and—if exposed to light and air—yellow over time.

As a result, we have to store these dresses somewhere they’ll be sufficiently protected. As convenient as a clothes rack might be, for example, it isn’t necessarily the best option for wedding dress storage. Instead, we recommend a medium, large or extra large wedding dress storage box that can keep out dust, dirt, moisture, and light.

If you need to store a child’s dress for an event such as a Christening, you can also choose a small box from our collection. These boxes also come with acid-free tissue paper designed to prevent yellowing and discolouration. At Luca Living, our wedding dress boxes have been the best of their kind for the past 25 years. They are renowned in the industry and recommended by many different dry cleaners.

We Tick All the Boxes

As a small, family-owned business, our team at Luca Living understands the average Australian household. This insight allows us to create products that are perfectly suited to Aussie individuals and families, helping them keep their homes clean, tidy and elegant.

Our smart yet simple storage solutions are intuitive, satisfying and beautifully designed, as are our housekeeping items, outdoor accessories and baby products. We also have a range of garment care products, including clothes racks, cedar products, sewing equipment, garment bags and, of course, white acid free boxes. These products will help your clothes stay newer for longer, and keep your home both organised and beautiful.

Wedding Dress Boxes Made in Australia

Your wedding dress is likely the most important garment you’ll ever own, which is why it deserves the best. A wedding gown box or chest will take the stress out of storage, providing preservation and portability. To achieve garment care and preservation, shop at Luca Living today!