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Embrace Sustainable Natural Drying Power With Outdoor & Indoor Retractable Clothes Lines

Help save the environment, cut down on your power bill and enjoy the fresh feeling of naturally dried clothes with our foldable clothes lines. Perfect for big and busy wash days or to give clothing that has been packed away a quick airing, these clothes lines for outdoor and indoor use are a must for every home.

Save Space With Wall-Mounted Clothes Lines & More

Whether mounted or set up inside or outside, our range of collapsible clothes lines makes it easy to dry clothes in your home without taking up too much space. They can also double as clothes airers to banish musty or damp smells that may be clinging to your favourite shirts, pants and more.

Made for busy lifestyles, these clothes lines are designed to last. Across our range you’ll see top-quality, high ranking clothes lines for outdoors and indoor use, including Hills clothes lines and accessories, along with the popular favourite Brabantia retractable wallfix clothes line. Regardless of whether you chose an indoor clothes line that’s wall mounted and retractable or a convenient portable one made for outdoor use, you’ll be satisfied with your choice when it’s from Luca Living.

Discover Other Space-Saving Storage & Lifestyle Products at Luca Living

Transform your home with our wide selection of storage and organisation solutions. Keep spices tidy, easy to find and out of the way with our spice racks, available online. Or, if you’re looking for a larger kitchen storage option, we have lots of shelves and organisers to keep containers, jars, cans and more tucked away. We even have wine racks to store your favourite drops.

But it’s not just the kitchen where we can help. We have shoe racks for keeping wardrobes neat or to store your favourite shoes close to hand by the front door, without creating tripping hazards. When it comes to clothes, we also have a quality collection of hangers and racks to optimise your wardrobe space, while showing off and taking care of all your clothes.

Helping You Live Life Your Way

At Luca Living, we’re passionate about you living life your way, with sleek, elegant and modern solutions, and decor to suit contemporary and classic homes. With our selection of quality homewares and more, you can enjoy what truly matters in life.

Find Your Clothes Lines for Indoors & Outdoors Now

Forget the dryer with its clunking, abundance of lint and ability to shrink your clothes. Enjoy the simplicity and effectiveness of a modern foldable clothes line.