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Hang Out & Get Hooked on Towel Hanging Hooks

If you haven’t tried our bathroom accessories — only available in Australia — you’re not Luca Living! From hanging hooks and hand towel rails to self-mounting baskets and a chic shower caddy, we have everything you need to keep your bathroom functional and stylish. In a modern bathroom, everything needs a home: the towels need hooks or rails, and the personal care products need an organisational system. However genuine our attempts to maintain that system may be, we’ve all let it fall by the wayside by way of a sinkside pileup of makeup and moisturiser. If your basin has accumulated clutter — first of all, you’re only human. Second of all, the solution is a case of finding a housekeeping plan that works for you. With one in play, you can not only find your items when you need them, but you can also enjoy a neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing bathroom. So, where should you get started?

Bathroom Towel Hooks: The Underrated Bathroom Accessories of Australia

Besides mould, mildew and other hidden nasties, what’s the worst part of walking into an unkempt bathroom? If you answered with ‘wet towels on the floor’, we agree with you. Luckily for you, there are many ways to hang a towel — beyond the bathroom floor. Let’s determine which solution(s) will suit your bathroom best.

Towel Hanging Hooks

If your bathroom is on the smaller side, you may wish to save space with towel hooks — which go great on the other side of the door. Whether you use these hanging hooks for shower caps or your favourite towels is up to you! If a single hook suits you best, we have those available. If you prefer to set out your towel hanging hooks in threes, we also have a solution for that. Some prefer the concise segmentation that comes with hanging hooks, as opposed to the less space-efficient — and often communal — hanging towel rail.

Hanging Towel Rails

On the other hand, towel rails are also a great choice. Some prefer to spread towels out for better air drying rather than hang them somewhat bundled from hooks. If hooks are the coat hangers of the bathroom, then hanging towel rails are the washing lines of the wet area. You can place the linen over the line or rung and spread it out in all its glory.

Regardless of whether you opt for a hanging hook or a hanging towel rail, there will be one constant: all of our towel storage solutions attach via suction. So, what will it be: a suction towel rail or hook?

Shower Caddies & Self-Mounting Baskets

Of course, the only thing worse than a wet towel on the floor is a cluttered sink — or accumulated products at the base of the shower far below standing reach. For the former problem, our self-mounting shower shelf and baskets are a fantastic solution. There’s something about grouping your hand soap, lotion and bath crystals that helps you feel more in control. On the other hand, shower caddies are the ultimate shelving solution for when a mere soap dish won’t do. If you’re anything like us, chances are you have all sorts of skincare products that you want to keep together or even categorise. Our shower caddies come with all the shelves and hooks you need to keep your products in one place.

Beyond the Bathroom

At Luca Living, the whole home is where the whole heart is. If you’ve got your fill of bathroom accessories, our store in South Australia is also home to laundry accessories and so much more. If you live interstate, you can also access our entire store online. As a small family business with over 20 years of experience in the design industry, you can count on us for expert advice with a personal touch. Browse our range of bathroom accessories in Australia or reach out to us online!