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Work Wonders on Your Wall With a Wooden Wall Clock!

As antiquated as analogue technology can be, wall clocks have continued to endure in Australia — and around the world. However digitised the world becomes, you’ll be hard-pressed to enter a kitchen that doesn’t feature a round wall clock or similar piece of home decor. Somehow, the kitchen wall is the town hall of the house that keeps time as you make your marvellous creations in the kitchen! Whether you’re making meals for the family or setting yourself down at the dining table, there’s something comforting about a wooden wall clock watching your every move and spectating the moments of your day. How is your old clock faring? Is there a spare space on your wall?

At Luca Living, we have some of the best wall clocks in Australia, ideal for modern, minimalist or Hamptons-inspired spaces. With their wooden edges and faces of black and white, our clocks can keep time and look sleek while doing so. At our humble homewares store, we love our round wall clocks so much, we’ve given them all names. So, without further ado, let’s roll them out one by one.

The John Wall Clock

John wall clock speaks in its detailing rather than its shading. Ideal for modern spaces, there’s a touch of warmth in the John wall clock’s timber edges, which speaks to the timber furniture in your living space. Its numbers leave concave impressions on its face rather than markings, which isn’t the boldest statement, but there’s a whimsical subtlety about it that leaves the impression that our John is an introvert. He blends into the background, and yet his robust outer shell is a firm reminder of his omnipresence. He is gentle, yet he knows where he stands.

The Leonard Wall Clock

Perhaps the most classic clock in our collection, the Leonard wall clock tells the time without frills. From the wooden frame to the black-and-white, easy-to-read numbering, the Leonard wall clock is a versatile piece that could slot into almost any room. Like the John wall clock, the Leonard wall clock comes in regular and large sizes, featuring simple, unseriffed numbers. Unlike the John wall clock, the Leonard wall clock is a bold statement piece that focuses less on harmonising with a white-on-timber aesthetic and more on becoming the focal point of the room. If you want to tell the time at a glance, the Leonard wall clock is that no-nonsense friend who will give it to you straight. It also has the confidence to look great in almost any context.

The Thomas Wall Clock

Our larger-than-life Thomas wall clock comes in a large size only — take one look at his face and you’ll see why. A work of wall art himself, the Thomas wall clock has the most expressive face of the lot. Turning the traditional clock face on its head, Thomas presents with black-on-white rather than white-on-black. Framed in a dotted border, Thomas experiments with seriffed numbers and pointed metal hands, which you could consider to be a postmodern collage of ye olde and the contemporary. The best of both worlds, he pays homage to the traditional while providing a modern twist that could also prove suitable in an Art Deco setup. Wherever you place the Thomas wall clock, one thing’s for sure: he was built to stand out.

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