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Rest Your Shoes on a Shoe Rack With a Bench

When the time comes to put your feet up, a shoe rack bench seat can ensure your shoes get the same treatment. Combining a small bench with a shoe rack, our shoe organisers are the ultimate storage and organisation solution for your footwear. How many times have you come home, kicked your shoes off and left them idly on the floor? Even if you prefer to align them neatly against the wall, you may still feel they’re causing clutter if they’re without a home. That’s where our shoe rack organizers come in! Similar to how a clothes rack holds garments, a shoe rack with a bench holds four to five pairs of shoes — as well as a human or two. This dual-purpose piece of furniture not only gets all your shoes in a row and off the floor but also provides a surface on which to tie your shoes. And let’s be real: no one likes this to happen on the floor, either.

So, why choose our shoe organisers over our competitors’? Let us count the reasons!

Our Shoe Rack Benches Are Comfortable & Compact

Unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw, chances are you don’t need a shoe rack the same size as your closet. With a shoe rack bench from Luca Living, you can keep your family’s five favourite pairs of shoes by the door in a compact and comfortable way. A shoe rack bench from us occupies minimal space, and also comes with a cushion in either grey or peacock blue, which can match any modern or Hamptons-style interior. Alternatively, the peacock blue cushion could be the pop of colour you need to accentuate a particular part of your hallway or living area. However you want to play it, a shoe rack bench from our collection will not only neaten up your space but also provide a shoe-tying station that will be as comfortable as it is aesthetic. Buy a bench with a shoe rack and you’ll soon see comfort and compactness in colour!

Our Shoe Rack Benches Are High-Quality & Sustainable

Elegantly crafted from high-quality materials, our shoe rack benches are built to last. Not only are they durable, but they are predominantly bamboo, which is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic. These shoe racks with benches are made with love, and we want our customers to feel that love, as well. At Luca Living, we invest in only the best — and our shoe organisers are the cream of the bamboo crop.

Everything in Our Store Is To Die For

Our shoe organisers are just one step towards Living the Luca way. From a bamboo shoe rack to a shoe rack that’s wall mounted, we have options for every home and configuration. If you love the way we combined the idea of a bench with a shoe rack, you’ll also enjoy our other homewares for different parts of the house. While you’re here, be sure to check out our laundry accessories, which cover all those odds and ends you forgot you needed. Once your clothes are dry, you can also hang them up on a quality clothes rack, which can be a great way to organise your featured favourites.

Buy Shoe Organisers at Luca Living

From storage and organisation solutions to homey touches and accessories, Luca Living has everything you need to set up your nest. As a small family business with over 20 years’ experience in design, we’re skilled in curating a range of premium homewares that would look great in your house. Put your best foot forward with shoe organisers that look as great as they are practical. Browse our high-quality and sustainable range today!